get fit on a budget

MealBot is developing a mobile application to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their desired bodies by personalized meal plans and ingredient delivery at the cheapest possible cost.

As the world moves towards automation...

MealBot is the future of dieting.


From personalized meal plan to grocery delivery and scale-less operationality, MealBot makes dieting easy.


Achieve your goals with the most cost-effective ingredients. Also, pay just as much as you would if you bought the groceries yourself.

Zero Food Waste

All of the ingredients in the meal plan are subject to complete consumption meaning no leftovers ever again.

The team

Team MealBot consists of ambitious fitness lifestylers, experienced in nutrition and start upping. 

Johannes Nõges’s (Founder/CEO) ( contribution ranges from generating ideas and designing product logic to recruiting and executing. He is the driving force of the company. He also has startup experience from previously founding Musicians Agency.

Kermo Lindma (Product manager) (, a data-driven thinking type, is a co-founder of both mentioned companies. He is responsible for creating the meal plan generation systems in MealBot – the core value of the service.



MVP results

We have been testing the hypothesis of MealBot by doing all of the processes – from personalized meal plans to home delivery in Tallinn – manually with

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